UNS was born from a shared vision to redefine healthcare management. Our team of experts realized that by building a coalition of specialists and innovators, we could transform the healthcare landscape. We’re not just a business partner; we’re life enhancers. Imagine a practice where administrative hassles are a thing of the past. Where your revenue is optimized, your work-life balance is harmonious, and you can reconnect with your passion for medicine. That’s what UNS offers – a pathway to excellence in both your professional and personal life.

Join UNS and embark on a journey to elevate your practice and reignite the passion that led you to healthcare. Your dream is still alive, and we’re here to make it a reality.


Cindy Borassi

I'm Cindy Borassi, co-founder of United National Services. We're far from your typical practice management consulting firm. We serve as your strategic partner, wholeheartedly dedicated to your healthcare practice's financial well-being, the health and happiness of your physicians and staff, and the joy of practicing medicine. Leaning on 25+ years of navigating the intricate U.S. healthcare landscape, I bring invaluable insights to empower your practice to flourish amidst the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Our unwavering commitment paves the way for your journey to excellence.

Lia Namkoong

I'm Lia Namkoong, a co-founder of UNS. Drawing upon 30+ years of experience in international marketing and hospitality, we're deeply committed to providing a concierge-level customer experience. At UNS, we excel in identifying your challenges, creating customized solutions, and leading you towards efficient operations, top-tier patient care, and sustainable growth. Our wealth of expertise results in enhanced operational efficiency, innovative service models, patient-centered strategies, and increased brand recognition in the healthcare industry. You've arrived at United National Services, where your success is our unwavering priority.


Michele Ortiz, CPC

As an experienced Revenue Cycle Director with a proven track record in hospital and clinic healthcare industries I hope to apply my comprehensive skill set and focus on leadership to our UNS clients. My expertise includes effectively managing revenue cycles, streamlining billing processes, and optimizing financial performance. I excel at analyzing data trends and implementing strategies to significantly improve revenue generation and cash flow. In addition to my technical skills, I am a dedicated leader who excels at fostering collaboration and creating a positive work environment. I have a passion for patient-centered healthcare and strive to deliver exceptional care while driving financial success. I am excited to contribute my expertise to UNS and work alongside the rest of our team to shape the future of healthcare management.

Kerry Miller, CPC

As a Client Success Manager at United National Services, I leverage my background in healthcare administration to guide practices towards growth and efficiency. Through tailored solutions and lasting partnerships, I am committed to exceeding expectations and driving transformative change in medical practices. With empathy and expertise, I specialize in providing concierge-level service, ensuring our clients achieve sustainable growth and top-tier patient care. At United National Services, your success is my unwavering priority.